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Joram Kipkenei

My passion arises from the inner intuition and believes in making things better.

My name is Joram Kipkenei, a young passionate scientist with a lot of charisma and motivation in health science.

My passion arises from the inner intuition and believes in making things better. I once had an ambition of being a medical doctor and I did all I could to achieve this. Lucky enough I later realized that I was meant for better stuff as research is what I find to be the true definition of my goal. I hold a bachelor's degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences with Information Technology and there's this undying motivation to go for more and more as far as realizing the true scientist in me globally. Upon completion of my study, I wish to engage in research work where I will steer in efforts to establish standards and strengthen policies governing the health sector internationally.

Currently, am struggling with the process of enrolling to my Masters Degree; Masters in Health and International Development, and this being my second year of attempt to secure a place at Flinders University, the struggle is still the same due to financial constraints.

Upon completion of my study, I look forward to working with World Health Organization at any level whatsoever where I will contribute my efforts in improving the current health modalities and establish accepted standards that will forge towards the eradication of some diseases and at the same time improving the existing structures. This will at the end alleviate suffering and improve the quality of life across the entire continent.

To be more precise, my study will focus on the existing research policies and implementation of bright proposals being forwarded by brilliant young minds which as per the record is not being so much paid attention to.

As we all know, global health is at high stakes and development can only be achieved by attaining an acceptable healthy globe. Sustainability and attainability are some of the policy measures that should be highly focused every time we talk about health and development.

Proper nutrition and livelihood standards need to be formulated and implemented globally. According to the WHO reports in 2016, the leading causes of death globally are non-communicable diseases most which are usually categorized as lifestyle diseases. A global structure similar to the Food and Drug Administration should be put in place to monitor and establish standards acceptable across the world nutrition-wise in order to reduce these occurrences. I will charge towards achieving that.