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Downer New Zealand

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About Downer New Zealand

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Our talent strategy is about developing future leaders who could potentially take on a range of leadership roles.

Our programmes act as incubators and accelarators for young professionals to build leadership skills and to help individuals develop the competencies they need to
accelerate thier professional career.

We know that in our changing environment our customers demand leadership thinking, agility and action.

So it's our job to develop leadership potential with you and it's important to start early in your career. That's why we offer our young professional's career leadership opportunities across our business.

We have an award-winning comprehensive two-year graduate programme, a hands-on summer intern programme, a selection of scholarships and a national cadet programme that will help you get the experience you need to succeed in the industry.

Recruitment Process

We are looking for people who will take ownership of their personal and professional brand, have agility, are bright and intelligent, pursue problem-solving with energy and look beyond the obvious to find a solution.

We hire "the whole person" so this means we are really interested in you! Your academic transcript is only part of what we look at. Don't forget to tell us about your extra-curricular activities, your community involvement, your vacation and weekend work. It all counts.

So be prepared for us to ask you these following challenging questions because we are looking for people who can answer them with confidence.

Own your career, own the journey

  • Where are you going in life?
  • What would your friends and family say about you?
  • What motivates you?
  • What excites you?
  • What do you find hard or challenging in life…and what exactly are you doing about that?
  • Do people know what you stand for and why?

Remuneration & Career Growth

We offer competive salries for all of our young professional programmes,.

Currently, our Graduates are working across New Zealand and the Pacific region and are developing technical, commercial and personal skills.

Jobs & Opportunities

Locations With Jobs & Opportunities
  • All throughout New Zealand
Hiring candidates with qualifications in
Engineering & Mathematics
Trades & Services